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Site issue – Still possible to post

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Hope this will find its way to those who wants to post new thread or reply to existing one.

For the clarification, I don’t own this site and just helping the users.

These apply to any new posts in the Forum section since 20/Oct.
AFAIK, Blog section is not affected.

You can still post new thread or reply to an existing thread.

However, you will see error message on posting.
Despite this, your new post is registered and displayed in the selected forum (but please see below ‘However….’).
You just need to visit the specific thread.


Any new posts won’t be displayed using the ‘What’s New?’ tab except for Blog post.

If new post generates new ‘page’ of the thread, one won’t be able to visit the new page.
Hhence, it may look as if new post not created.
However, it’s there and just not displayed using the default setting.
Use ‘Hybrid’ mode for the display setting.
Detail here;

Forumadmin has been informed of the issue.
Hope we’ll get the fix in the near future.