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Today at Atelier Kaz - ex-Honda R&D, F1, Indy/CART engineer

Beaulieu Supercar Weekend 2023

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Making good progress with the finger sensitivity training and I think Iím almost there.

Carrying out several electronics component services also helped a lot.

However, Iím not going to change the plan and will carry on with what I planned as quite often, when things get too good to be true, one can lose concentration and make mistakes.

Still, itís always nice to be able to change the rhythm of the life.

One of my favourite meeting Ė Beaulieu Supercar weekend.
2 days event but around this time of the year, so busy that I can only find spare time for a day.
This was held at the 1st weekend of August so exactly 1 month ago.

Quite far away from my place and about 240miles to drive in one day.
In the future, I will aim to finish every tasks of the week in time so that I can stay somewhere nice with secure car park to explore the area.

Spent some time in the traffic not because of the cars but donkeys.
Three at the opposite lane and another three ahead of the car in front.
There is one friendly donkey at the paddock near my place and I say hello almost every morning so great to see them just strolling freely.

Some of the photo from Sunday.

Seen few Valencia red NC1s but for the first time, saw the Curva one. Nice.

If you are in UK, already felt the change from last year.
Not that scorching hot this summer.

The Palace House wonít open until late morning.
And the best time to visit is when the demonstration run is happening.
Just peaceful time away from the noise.
Not interested in sharp acceleration only to apply hard braking within few seconds. Thatís what demonstration run is.

Interesting cars.
Nice to see some of the very rare ones.

Love the museum.

Nice stroll around the garden.

Well behaved dogs and even a cat.

Refreshed and hope I can make it next year.