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Today at Atelier Kaz - ex-Honda R&D, F1, Indy/CART engineer

Recent progress

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Not much to report while placing everything back in place and preparing for the fireup.

Always annoying dealing with the issues caused by the previous mistakes long time ago.

Also, more and more the parts quality is getting worse even straight out of the bag.

All the wiring, fuel line, etc connected so pretty much this side is ready.

Just the Rear Right w/speed sensor not connected yet as the mating connector is inside the boot behind the carpet.

Will trigger the ABS warning light but I need to reset the controller anyway because one of the reason for the delay was the leaky solenoid issue.

Another new parts issue.

The NSX-R CL pedal.

Once again, the welding was too much that I had to trim it off.

Couldn't even connect the pushrod of the master cyl straight out of the bag.

This was the 2nd time I had the same issue so probably the same batch.

Speaking of the quality issue, it's happening on many other new parts.

For example, more and more you will hear about the thickness issue with the replacement gears on the 6MT and part of the 5MT ones as well.
One has to skimm off tiny amount to acheive the clearance spec.
And quite often, they are on long back order.
One of the reason why I decided not to assemble new 6MT gbox for myself using the fresh parts as some of them were on years of back order.

Not related to this NSX but speaking of the back order, I finally received the upgraded ABS modulator after waiting for years and months last June.

I think it was the last batch for quite sometime because immediately afterwards, Honda stopped taking any new orders for the modulator in the same month.

I don't know the full detail but apparently, there was certain issue that it was not upto the spec and thus, multiple delays in delivery schedule.

So, for now, if thinking of ABS upgrade, you would need to look for the non-NSX modulator option.

By the way, the parts price went up again.

The biggest surprise was the NSX-R CL pedal.

I was lucky enough to order it before the price hike but if you are thinking of upgrading the RHD CL pedal to NSX-R spec with damper-less joint, be prepared.

That pedal in the above photo is ..... wait for it ..... now costs more than the upgraded ABS modulator....
Over 700 RPP so needs adding the delivery and the import tax....

Fortunately, T3TEC is fabricating the aftermarket solution so don't need paying such amount just for the pedal but still, it's not cheap....

Best getting all the parts for anything while we can if replacing and us specialists must work hard repairing the existing parts if they can be rescued.

One of the cause of the delay - the ounctured brake pipe.

I know exactly how it happened. There is an aftermarket thick wire nearby.

Seen similar thing when people carried out DIY ABS upgrade requiring the replacement of many long brake pipes.

Normally, I would have used the cupro nickel hardline to replace the entire pipe but this NSX already has ABS issue and that will result in replacing all of the brake pipes under the bonnet any way.

It will cost much more for me to copy the shape of the pipe than replacing with the OEM one.

So, decided to go with the temporary fix.

This is actually the 2nd attempt because I didn't like how it sat between other pipes.

Created enough clearance but as a precaution, applied self-amalgamating tape around the nearby pipes.

Rear brake pipe fitting re-connected.

This pipe was actually replaced because of the heavily corroded fitting.

Now I can pressure test the entire brake system.

The new door mirror housing.

As reprtoed earlier, it snapped at the base and not at the known issue of oxidised hollow bolt.

It snapped at the triangle base so couldn't believe when it happened as the shape and material should not allow such thing to happen.

So glad that it was still available as new painted parts.

There were long story around the A/C refresh but for now, I'll leave it.

Couldn't replace the exp. valve because of seized fitting at the evaporator.

Nothing new.

Will get system charged at the time of MOT or will use mobile service.

Needs to think about how to place the battery/spare tray while pressire testing the brake system as I want to be 100% sure that there is no leakage from my temporary fix.

Probably install it briefly just to hold the weight of battery for fireup and then remove again.

Aiming to fireup very soon.



  1. Heineken's Avatar
    I'm a little scared about the price increase and quality status - Honda is potentially using these parts in their refresh program which is far from cheap and I would think that the owners taking that service would expect the best in quality. That also implies that there is a Honda internal quality check existing since they are using the parts themself. I hop this trend will turn around at some time ..
  2. NSXGB's Avatar
    I purchased the Type-R clutch pedal and damperless joint about 5 years ago and have never got around to fitting them!
    Updated 18-08-2023 at 03:24 PM by NSXGB