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EPS Controller Service 01

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A while ago, another owner contacted me after triggering the EPS warning light.

He contacted me previously but at that time, he managed to fix it by using another EPS controller or replacing the internal relays by someone.

Unfortunately, the issue came back and despite trying his own refurbished spare unit, the warning light was still there so call for the help.

Based on what he mentioned and the fact that two different EPS controllers triggered the same error code of #22, advised the owner that there could be multiple issues involved.

One is with the EPS controller that was refurbished by someone in the past (and two of them) and the other issue could be within the EPS rack itself since it's very unusual for two refurbished controllers to fail.

Still, error code #22 is related to the measured current rating issue so asked the owner to send just one controller to me before dealing with the EPS rack.

The famous EPS controller ver. -023.

No chance of surviving without triggering the EPS warning light sooner or later.

In fact, Honda revised the circuit board and even the EPS rack over the years but still, not only the -023 but also -305, -033, -043 would all fail eventually with the same/similar failure modes.

Opened the unit and found this.

Strange jumper wires most likely due to damaged GND tracks, lots of debris left on the board and looked to be soldering without temperature control.

Probably more damages were done than repairing and unfortunately, I saw the same things happened around the A/C CCU board, audio head unit, gauge cluster, etc over many years.

At the other side of the board, huge soldering debris was dropped near the main IC (fortunately, no short circuit), lots of soldering balls left under the FET, etc.

Later, I even found damaged Tr lead and part of the reason why this EPS controller triggered the EPS warning light even without touching the wheel.