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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Audio Head Unit service 04

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All parts cleaned and disinfected.

That's better.

Final bench testing for operation and signal quality.

Happy with the result so using my NSX to go through all sorts of scenario testing to force EMI noise into the system.

This includes IG, alternator, rear defogger, wiper motor, mobile phone, etc plus vibration, thermal shock, etc.

Normally, I'm happy to release the audio head unit back to the owner with about 50miles test driving session but for this one, decided to put more than 100miles.

The discontinued USA SPEC PA11-HON.

I think it's now more than 15 years old but still operating fine.

Illumination test

Went through all the testing without any issues so happy with the result.

Already returned the head unit and the owner is installing the GROM device in place of CD changer.

Hope he will enjoy the nice ICE again with the fully refurbished audio head unit.

I'm not an audio guru and not someone spending 1,000s for the ICE.

So for me, when the OEM Alpine audio head unit, Bose speaker AMP and the speaker operate how they should be, I'm happy with the sound quality and what I can get.

Thank you for using my service.




  1. Heineken's Avatar
    Impressive that the unit could be restored despite not powering up any more - my success rate in these cases is currently 50 %. It's really advisable to get them repaired before that state is reached.