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Today at Atelier Kaz - ex-Honda R&D, F1, Indy/CART engineer

Gauge Cluster service 04

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New EPT sealer installed.

So far, everything is very delicate task because you don't want touching any part of the dial face even while wearing the glove.

You will leave eyesore trace depending on the reflection angle.

After full assembly, tiny amount of distance clocked on the odometer during the final check.

Once again, thank you to our member Heineken for his gauge cluster tester.

Small donation sent to him to support his future projects.

These soft caps/tabs are easily lost during the installation so instead of pre-installing them, returned in a separated bag.

Be careful not to accidentally touching these 2 light bulbs when placing the gauge back on the car.

Ready to be returned to the owner.

Thank you for using my service and hope your [ BRAKE LAMP ] warning would operate as normal after going through my refresh service.



  1. Heineken's Avatar
    It's always nice to see the gauge cluster tester in action