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Dashcam - Viofo A119 V3

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The last time I bought the dashcam was in 2015 ( and as expected, the internal battery failed after 3 years of usage.

Replaced just the battery in 2018 ( and another 3 years gone and once again, the battery failed.

Though, I believe the main cause was leaving the battery at 0% discharged state frequently due to the lack of car usage during 2020 - 2021 for the obvious reason.

So, instead of replacing the battery again, decided to find a new dashcam.

As mentioned in 2015, my view towards these devices are still the same.

The processor power, image sensor, etc would advance every few months, not expecting to last forever under high vibration/temperature environment, etc so not looking for the top-end spec.

If it can survive for 2 years, it's done its job and spending about 100 on dashcam that would fail in a few years time is acceptable for me.

Thus, it would be the mid-range class.

The plan is to install the same model on 2 cars that if one fails, the other one can be quickly swapped.

Also, after using it for certain period and happy with the result, I may consider getting another one so that it can be used as the rearview dashcam as well.

Nowadays, there are lots of options available for the mid-range dashcam and you can find all sorts of review, video footage, etc on youtube.

After some research and wanted to have ultracap rather than the Li-ion battery used in my previous dashcam, decided to go for the Viofo A119 V3.

However, since early 2020, I was just not driving the NSX or the MX-5 regularly that it was not high priority on my list.

One day in April, although I already had DIY oscilloscope, I always wanted to have hand held cordless one based on the feedback from britlude.

While browsing the shopping site, found out that Viofo was doing special offer so instead of the oscilloscope, ended up placing the A119 V3 in the basket.

Got the dashcam with the GPS mount, polarising filter and the parking mode cable as a set.

Bought through Alibaba and paid GBP95 for the above set including the pre-paid tax and free delivery.

It was sent out from China and delivered within 10 days.

As these devices can experience the initial failure, not recommended ordering outside of UK unless you are happy to take the risk.

Due to many fake memory card on the market, decided to get it over amazon UK so that it can be returned if the read/write performance was not as declared.

Went for the Samsung Pro Endurance 128GB for the MLC spec.

The price can vary within a few days ranging from just below GBP20 to well over GBP30.

I got it when it was at GBP20.

Tested using the CrystalDiskMark and happy with the result.

Not in a hurry to install it so only installed it several weeks later after the delivery.

As the power connector shape and the spec was the same ancient Mini-USB as the previous dashcam, didn't bother installing the parking mode power cable as I won't know how good this dashcam is until after some time.

You will need to calibrate the polarising filter but it's easy.

As of today, haven't installed the parking mode cable yet.....

Probably won't install it until I install the rearview one as I want to remove the ceiling panel and hide all of the cable.

Because I already had aftermarket 5V power cable installed behind the ceiling panel, just needed to stick the GPS mount on the windshield.

As the double sided tape was already pre-installed on the mount side, it was almost impossible to prevent the air bubble being left on the windshield side.

Inside the package, there is a spare double sided tape so next time, I would install just the tape to the windshield first and then attach the GPS mount later to prevent eyesore air bubble.....

Still, the colour of the tape is black so not too bad compared to the light grey one used on many other mounts/brackets.

There are so many example video footages on the youtube so not much point posting it here.

In summary, as expected for the mid-range class, super good video quality under good lighting.

Good enough quality under dark condition and reasonable in the night but impossible to read the reg. no. of the car passing in the opposite direction.

Still, huge improvement over the previous one that I had.

Haven't tried the effect of removing the filter in the night but since I don't drive in the night these days, probably just going to keep the filter all the time.

Overall, happy with what I got for what I paid for so will be getting another one in the future.

The model could be upgraded by that time so may get even better deal once it becomes the old model.


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  1. NZNick's Avatar
    Is the dash-cam in your eye line when mounted as shown in your 3rd & 4th pictures?
    I was given a dash-cam, but haven't yet installed it - I think it will have to go quite a lot higher up the windscreen towards the mirror for me.
  2. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar

    [Photo and copyright by Petrolheadonism Media team.]

    The dashcam is so small and because of the way it's designed plus the benefit of fairly slanted/inclined windshield angle on our NSX,
    it feels like 99% of the dashcam body is hidden behind the rearview mirror for my driving position.

    Didn't take a photo showing my eyeline view but this one is fairly good for what I meant.
    Though, please take into consideration that it was taken along the centre line of the car and not from the driver's view angle.
    This photo was from the series of my last blog.

    As you can see, only tiny bit of dashcam body can be seen below the rearview mirror and that's how I feel when driving the car.
    In fact, I don't even notice that the dashcam is there while driving.

    The only thing I would say is that due to the angle of the windsheild,
    the reflection of the dashboard could be annoying over some of the video footages depending on the angle of the sunlight.

    Hope you'll find a good place to install your dashcam as there are different local regulations on what/where you can do (even attaching a small sticker) on the windshield.