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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Brands Hatch - GT World Challenge Europe

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These days, quite slow in updating the blog as doing so many things in parallel….

Testing new procedure for working around the NSX safely with airflow in mind, repairing electronics components,
managing few projects while supporting several authorities in Japan, etc, etc, etc.

Always trying to switch myself off on Sunday so last bank holiday weekend at the end of August, went to Brands Hatch.

I decided not to attend the Silverstone Classic event this year as
I didn't want getting inside the crowded bus between the international and the national paddock.

Didn't attend any events in 2020 for the obvious reason so really missed the sound of proper racing cars.

Thank you to sorepaws for introducing this event on the FB page.

Didn't use motorway at all for 20 months so of course, my Dart charge account was closed and
couldn't see traveling that direction like I used to so switched to the Pay as you go account.

Couldn't believe the road surface was still awful on part of the M25 after all these months with not much traffic….

Nice meeting some of you on the day.

For someone used to work closely with the race control, couldn't ask more.

Right in front of the pit lane and near the race control tower.

Pop out the folding chair, sit behind the NSX, relax and once the racing cars start emerging in the pit,
turn the chair 180deg and enjoyed the pit activities, formation lap and lights out.

So many red flags and even one car jumped over the barrier but fortunately, no more injury to the marshal.

Just before this event, sadly, one of the marshal passed away due to racing incident.

Without the orange army, no racing events can survive so great respects to those offering their support and one day, I would love to join the army.

Went to the paddock area as well in a hope to find Rob's track oriented NSX.

In my view, one of the best appearance of racing NSX.

I knew he was racing Elise at Silverstone so bit surprised that he brought NSX here but unfortunately, couldn’t find him and missed meeting him and his NSX.

Still, nice seeing the aspects of grass roots of motor racing.

It all started by those enthusiasts.

As always, so many questions and admiration from the general public.

I always offered the chance sitting in the driver seat of my NSX at any events or even at supermarket car parks especially for the young generations but under pandemic condition,
just not comfortable so hope things will improve a lot in the future.

Just happy to be back at the race track and had wonderful time.

Love the shape of this track.

Unlike Beaulieu, my boss has no interest in noisy racing cars going around the same place so she stayed at home on this occasion.

Looking forward to meeting owners and making another visit to Brands Hatch again in the future.


[Photo by Kaz, copyright belongs to the event organisor]

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