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Yuasa Battery

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Ordered another Yuasa battery for the owner recently.

In 2019, I ordered the same model for myself.
On this occasion, several changes with the design, improved spec and bit cheaper.

This time, including the delivery, just about GBP70.

Once again, from the Tayna battery.

Well protected and packaged properly.

Several design change including the spill-free protection cover.

Only one vent hole.

The other side was blocked from the factory.

I guess it will be eventually branded as GS or GS Yuasa in the future.

For NSX usage, the position of the status check window is not ideal with the latest model but not a big problem as you don't rely on it for the diagnosis.

Used it for the compression check and of course, good cranking speed.

Addition to the weak battery, there was another issue with the aftermarket battery kill switch on this NSX so hope the owner would notice the difference.