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SRS Controller 04

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The cowl sensor (silver metal) and circuit board configuration difference.

The round/cyl cowl sensor has two rollers inside whereas the square one seemed to be just one roller inside.

Probably best not to use SP0-J92 (JDM Legend) on NSX as the pinout would be different.

Blue screws are the ones at the same position as the controller without the passenger SRS.

Yellow ones are also at the same position.

However, the controller with passenger SRS has extra screws where they are marked in red.

The green square is the flexi circuit as there is another circuit board below there.

Case comparison with and without passenger SRS circuit.

Any controllers that include ' 9 ' in the last 3 digits seemed to be for the driver & passenger SRS system but
there are several different circuit board design among Legend so be careful if using it for the NSX.

Will show some of the examples in the next post.

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