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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

SRS Controller 03

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Based on previous experience and studying the system diagram as well as all the info out on the web, offered the owner with multiple options.

Those included but not limited to - new/used units from Europe (inc. UK) or Japan, customise the later spec controller to be installed on
the earlier models, utilise Acura/Honda Legend SRS circuit board, etc.

Learnt several new things around SRS unit on this occasion.

Please use the following info at your own risk as I could be wrong.

As mentioned at the very beginning, the SRS controller is a safety device and should be replaced with a new unit and not repaired.

The owner opted for the option to use the SRS controller from Acura Legend knowing the risk that it could already have leaky capacitor and even already damaged during its life.

The one we used this time had the case sticker as 77960-SP0-A82.

I knew USPS was having big delay with the pandemic and for Christmas so decided to avoid it but still, I couldn't believe I had to wait such a long time.
I'm glad that after about a month, finally the package was delivered.

Special thank you goes to 'MotorMouth93' on NSX Prime for posting the photo of his NSX SRS controller with passenger SRS.

He was kind enough allowing me using his photo for this post.

Another member to mention is 'drew'.

We started discussing about the SRS unit around last Christmas time and since then,
he kindly took many photos of several different SRS units from Acura Legend.

And we can't forget our own member 'britlude', aka Jonathan.

Always impressed with his post on the forum as well as on the FB.

He kindly opened the SRS controller from another Acura Legend and spent some time taking lots of photo.

Following photo should help you in understanding some of the differences between each version of SRS controllers.

Please note that the parts no. on the case sticker IS NOT the same as the one on the parts ordering system.

Although the NSX and Legend don't share the same controller case/housing and could be RHD as well as LHD,
the internal circuit boards with specific model/spec looked to be the same.

The information below including the photo, the year model, spec of the car, etc could be different from yours depending on the country spec, local regulation, etc.

Unless mentioned otherwise, the same circuit board was shared between the RHD and LHD NSX and only the mounting case/housing difference.

The last 3digits in -N** for the RHD and -A** for the LHD spec.

77960-SL0-N82, A82 (latest new parts has different last 3digits)

Factory fitted NSX SRS controller
Without the passenger SRS
For early models.
With or without the seat belt pre-tensioner.

77960-SL0-N91, A9* (possibly -A91 but not confirmed by myself)

Factory fitted NSX SRS controller
With the passenger SRS but refer *1.
For later models.
With the seat belt pre-tensioner.

*1: On some special models, there were neither driver nor passenger SRS fitted but still had the seat belt pre-tensioner feature.
For these models, the SRS controller was fitted at the factory but without the SRS warning light at the gauge cluster.
Mock-up resistors were fitted in place of the driver and passenger SRS circuit.

So, if you are limited with the option for the NSX without the passenger SRS, you 'could' customise the later spec controller or chassis loom to use this circuit board.

I haven't opened one yet so can't confirm from my own experience but looked to be no leaky capacitor issue at least at the upper circuit board.

It has another circuit board below with flex circuit (green square) connecting the two boards.

Not sure there are any leaky capacitors at the lower board....

Acura Legend 77960-SP0-A82

This one came off from KA7 spec.
Without the passenger SRS

All three circuit board above are for the NSX/Legend without the passenger SRS.

The no. (revision, batch control???) on the circuit board.

I didn't go through every single components but as far as I can tell, they were the same design.

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