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SRS Controller 01

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Helping another owner with SRS controller that triggered the warning light.
These days, it will fail the MOT testing.

For the clarification, SRS controller is a safety device and should be replaced and not repaired.
I'm only supporting the owners under strict T&C that includes the responsibility to inform the future owner(s) in case the ownership changes.

Addition to this case, little earlier, another owner contacted me with the same warning light but with different SRS spec.

That NSX had passenger SRS + seatbelt pre-tensioner and it was fairly later model.
Later, I heard that the owner bought replacement unit from Japan and that fixed his issue.

Based on the photo posted by member - MotorMouth93 on NSX Prime, I was quite surprised that the SRS controller from that generation failed.
Later spec one doesn't have leaky capacitors at the upper circuit board.

It would be interesting to take a look at the failed unit in the future.

Now back to the original topic.

The owner informed me of the spec of his NSX and even tried known good cable reel/clock-spring but still the same issue.
Also, he checked the #1 10A fuse at the fuse panel located at the passenger footwell.
It was fine.

Not always the case but majority of SRS controllers with leaky capacitor issue would blew this fuse resulting in SRS warning light.

When I got the SRS controller from his NSX, immediately I sensed the extreme condition of the circuit board as it smelled awful even before opening the case.

Ended up sealing it as my boss was not happy with the smell inside the house…..

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