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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Cooling Sys, Health Check, etc 18

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After tightening all bolts/nuts under 1G, clearance check between the tyre and the spring perch.

Later, I will check the clearance again by lifting just one side of the car to apply even more compression.

Always install the perch at specific direction so should not be a problem but can't take any risks.

Looking nice.....

Meant to be fuel but didn't smell like it.....

This is the fuel came out from the old fuel filter.....

There is a filter bag at the fuel pump entrance so this is from inside the pump body and also particles inside the tank.
Hope the fuel pump has some life left.

Took ages installing the new filter as the feed pipe was severely bent in the past and not easy to line up the banjo bolt.

Double checked that none of the pipes were hitting anything.

Leak check when I can connect the battery.....

And finally, the Oil cooler has arrived.

I don't know where the package was held......

There are not enough direct flights between Japan and UK at the moment so Japan Post is sending all packages to Germany first before transferred to UK.
Probably the recent increase of virus cases in Germany may caused the delay but still, took ages......

Not much photo of the new parts as I really want finishing the cooling system.

Even with the new parts, trace of casting contamination.


  1. goldnsx's Avatar
    As for the Bilsteins I'd recommend to mount the lower spring perch in the way it maximizes the clearance to the tire. In the picture and viewed from below I'd turn it by around 120 degrees clockwise which is compatible with the upper mount/holes.
    Also check the clearance with the car on the ground and imagine how the tire moves in a sharp corner, it's up to 8 mm. I've seen some cars with problemtic clearance esp. with aftermarket rims and tires. An ET > 45 mm is normally solves the problem.