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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Cooling Sys, Health Check, etc 01

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Not sure why but UK government doesn't touch much on the accuracy and the specificity rate of the test being carried out.
If you have done some simulation in the past, you can easily understand that mass testing becomes effective only when the authority has the capacity to
test the same person multiple times over several weeks and for some people, over several months.

So, as expected, we are going to live with this virus for quite some time.
Hope everyone is keeping safe.

For now, I'll be limiting the service mainly to the ones that doesn't require me staying inside the cabin for a long time.

When visiting, I'll ask the owner to leave the car at my place and push the key through the letter box.
Then, we can talk through the video doorbell or the mobile phone so no face to face meeting required on arrival.

The car will be parked inside the garage with all windows opened for at least 3 days without being touched.
This is because there is a chance that the highly humid a/c evaporator may allow the virus to be active for a long time.

You can't kill it because it's not even a life form.

The garage itself has security alarm devices with notifications reaching everywhere.

The car will be first washed thoroughly before even carrying out the Health Check.

The cabin is sprayed with 70% IPA.
This may result in loss of oil from the real leather section and while I would normally apply it by myself,
under the current situation, I'll appreciate if you can apply it by yourself to protect you and me.

This is the one I use on my NSX and you can find it on amazon.

There is another one from the same company called 'Belvoir Leather Balsam' but never tested or tried on my NSX before
so don't know whether it will harm the stitching or not.

The one in the above link is very good and I love it.
If you have non-black leather material, please test it on small hidden place.

At the end of the service, one more time the car will be washed and IPA sprayed inside the cabin.

On collection of your car, I'll take the car out of the garage with face mask and glove worn and both door windows will be kept open.
I'll also open the door wide-open before you can enter the car.
I'll remove the steering wheel protection cover, exit the cabin, step back away from the car and will keep at least 5m between us.

So, as you can see, extra week required for the service.

Started to work on another NSX a few months ago.

Initially, it was only planned for a few week service but the owner took lots and lots of photos before visiting my place and
that changed everything.
Even without looking at the very NSX, I could tell lots and lots of issues.

It now turned into several months of long service and I'm still waiting for the arrival of new Oil Cooler from Japan….

Hope it didn't go missing like the crank pulley earlier for another owner….
At the end, I gave up and had to place new order for the replacement.
It was hours of waste of my precious time trying to get refund as two courier companies blaming each other and
not helping the very person who lost out on the money and the time.....

I love working in the garden but I injured my back when using the chainsaw and couldn't even sit on the chair.
Had to stop working on the car for at least 10 days and that caused extra delay.

Many years ago, I learnt the lesson the hard way by pushing myself servicing the engine under severe pain.
I made mistake causing oil leakage at the cam end seal and had to cover the time and cost for the owner.

Lesson learnt and never going to repeat the same mistake.

So many subjects to cover and lots of catch up to be done so instead of releasing 10s of multiple posts in one go, I'll release small amount at a time.
So busy this year and not much free time so can't spend much time on this forum any way.

The owner told me that there is a friendly cat nearby….

At some point, the dash gauge needs servicing as well as re-calibration.

Probably only good for moving the car and not for driving.....