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MIni Honda Meeting

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During this year's holiday a colleague and former internship student during my time in Japan contacted me on Instagram and asked for a drive with the NSX. In addition, one of his friends was driving a BA4 Honda Prelude and it was immediately decided to integrate him into the activity.
All this took place just one day after returning from Slowenia but as there was no need for preparation it did not cause much stress.

To avoid missing each other we exchanged telephone numbers first and agreed to meet in the early afternoon. My colleague and me started at my house and then drove across the Autobahn to Reutlingen. Next stop was an empty super market parking space where his friend and the Prelude were already waiting.

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Two similar specimen

We were not alone for long since a young Toyota driver joined and stayed with us for quite some time, even though he could not connect that much to the Honda and Japan stories of us three.
While my colleague and his friends focused on the NSX, I was most interested in the Prelude. In 2005, my now wife and me sold our Prelude when we bought our current Honda Jazz/Fit family car. Only pictures and a few videos is what's left of it.

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A slide scan from the last day

The white Prelude from the meeting is a 12 valve version with a little less power and less extras (recognizable by the unpainted front and rear bumpers). The rust spots are, unfortunately, at exactly the same spots as with my Prelude and, if not treated properly, will cause significant problems in a few years.

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Exactly the same locations

It's been really nice to look at a car in person that I used to drive a long time ago. Even though digital media provides fast and convenient access to all the photos and videos someone took it's still something completely different to experience it in real life.
Before heading to the next stop (a small café near an underground parking spot) we talked a lot about technical details as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the BA4 series Prelude.

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Parking right next to each other

A lot of the topics discussed over a cup of coffee were about the time in Japan and living abroad. Due to Corona and the limited possibilities for travelling this experience suddenly felt far away and more precious than initially expected.
Before winding up we drove to another parking space up on a hill overlooking the city of Reutlingen which provided another good photo taking opportunity.

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Looking towards Achalm mountain

Time to say goodbye for my colleague, me and our Corona masks. On the way to the Autobahn another driver called us pimps - maybe he mistook the NSX for a Ferrari but we are probably never going to find out Excluding the "pimps-incident" it was a nice meeting and if we are lucky there is time for a repetition before the summer season closes end of October.

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