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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

A/C CCU Board service 03

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Self Diag check, Funct. & Ope. test while monitoring the water valve control.

These days, so many boards require test driving session using my NSX due to severe damages and
not comfortable with just bench testing or using mockup heater unit.

During the test, all sorts of EMI such as rear defogger, ACG, audio head unit, wiper, headlight, turn signal, etc and
as much thermal shock applied.

Since February, started the preparation for this virus.

Recently, only driving once a week or so with very limited mileage covered so not easy to test but so far, covered about 48miles.

One more shopping trip would exceed the targeted 50miles so hope I can send back the board next week.

Another milestone achieved if it passes the test driving session.

The delivery from US is slow but still fine.

Almost all EMS from Japan to Europe were stopped a while ago except for UK.

Just hope the packages from Japan can leave in time before everything shuts down.....



  1. NSXGB's Avatar
    I ordered from Rock Auto Sunday afternoon and my parcel arrived today (Thursday), I also selected a slower service to save money, pretty good I thought!
    I have one coming from Amayama though, I hope that follows just as quick....
  2. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar

    Finally, managed to cover more than 50 miles of test driving session.
    Probably the longest time in my life to cover just 50 miles.

    Went to the post office before the Easter bank holiday starts and there were long-long queue outside.
    By the time I managed getting inside, missed the final collection time of 2pm by just 3min as I saw the van leaving…..
    For now, only one collection per day and closes at 3pm.

    Still, all packages were moving through their system on Saturday and should be delivered tomorrow.
    Thank you for using my services and hope you'll enjoy the nice A/C control again.