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Today at Atelier Kaz - ex-Honda R&D, F1, Indy/CART engineer

Neova AD08RS - mobile tyre fitting

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Started looking for the front tyres over the last few months.

While I wanted to try the BS Potenza RE-71R, seemed like not available in UK yet and on this occasion, front set only so decided to stick with the Neova AD08.

As I knew from the past experiences that AD08 series are not always in stock and could take months, best start checking the stock level once you past the point where 1/2 - 1/3 tread left.

I normally use Camskill for the price reference and start the search from there.
Ebay is also a good place for price check.
Blackcircles is now owned by Michelin (ATS is also owned by them) so from time to time, offering very good deal on selected brands.

For my 16" OEM front wheel, 215/45/16 was out of stock at Blackcircles for a while.
Other places were in stock but the fully fitted price was not competitive enough.

Not high priority task as still enough treads left and November - December time, everyone seems to be focusing on Christmas and rushing on everything so didn't bother with the search.

Come New Year and as Japan was still in the middle of long holiday season, bit extra time for me so re-visited the tyre search.

Found out that AD08RS (not the 08R) was back in stock at Blackcircles and even offering 10% discounts on Yokohama tyres.

The stock level within UK looked to be fine and considering the tread amount left, not urgent but since the tyre was 5 years old, decided to replace them.

Compared to the original AD08 followed by the improved 08R, RS version are getting mixed feedback especially from trackday usage but will see how it performs.
I just like the balance of dry and wet performance with AD08 series.
As long as you know what you are doing, no scary moment even over the standing water.

Not sure it's the same modification applied from 08R to 08RS in Europe but in Japan, despite keeping the same model name,
Yokohama started delivering the different chemical compound version of 08R since early 2019 and so far, no distinctive negative feedback because of this change.

With just extra £6, Blackcircles was offering mobile fitting service and since I prefer removing/fitting the wheels by myself, clear choice for me.
Including the extra cost for the mobile fitting, the total came out as just under £210 for 2 tyres all inclusive so I was happy with it.

The mobile fitting van arrived and the tyre person looked so familiar to the F1 team member that I used to work with more than 10 years ago.

And guess what, he was indeed the good old team member.

What a coincidence.

If I knew, I could have gone direct instead of Blackcircles.
Had good chat while changing the tyre and I'm quite sure I'll be using his service later this year as I probably need replacing the rear set as well.

He is based in Tring, Herts and covers the nearby area so not all owners will benefit from his service but worth checking.
Depending on the different offers available at the time of ordering, sometimes it's cheaper to go through the Blackcircles but again, worth asking.

He started as tyre engineer at one of the big tyre company, supported Formula series before joining the F1 team so he spent so many years in tyre world.

During the day, he is traveling so best contacting him through email.

Wishing him all the best for the future.



  1. Senninha's Avatar
    Hi, Kaz. Based initially on your guidance and more recently my own experience of the AD08ís Iím also running on a recently new set of 08R and would agree they offer a good balance wet or dry ... might be worth making this a sticky post in the appropriate section, especially as its offering a link to your ex-team mate ... rgds Paul
  2. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    Thank you for the feedback and recommendation, Paul.

    Just placed the link to this post in the 'Tyre' sticky thread under the 'Technical' forum.

  3. NZNick's Avatar
    Hi Kaz - spotted this (admittedly USA biased) YouTube video about the Bridgestone offerings of now (September 2023) which you may find interesting
  4. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    Thank you for the link.
    Iíve lost interest in Bridgestone tyres until they went back to the basic and revived the legendary RE71 in the form of RE-71R few years ago.
    Now itís -71RS so something to be considered in the future.
    Would be interesting how it performs in the wet after 1/3 worn from new.

    Much more interested in the new Neova AD09.

    I have been very happy with AD08 and AD08R especially the wet performance.
    Didnít like the feeling of AD08RS in both the dry and wet condition.
    As far as I know, AD08RS was specific to the European market.

    Knew about AD09 for quite some time but saw the real one at this yearís Silverstone Festival (Classic).
    Still not all size available on the market so I just hope Yokohama will bring the suitable size for our NSX.
    Although it looks like semi slick pattern, aparently the wet performance is even better than the AD08R so would love to fit it on my NSX when the time comes.