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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Eng Refresh, Health Check, etc 44

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Now that the compression check is completed, I can attach this JDM TB service sticker.

The idle air adjust screw was replaced and adjusted in the past but I cleaned the TH body again on this occasion so double checked the base idle rpm.

Under specific test condition, about 560rpm (28Hz) so happy with the result and no adjustment required.

Base IG timing was checked and good.

By the way, on the volt gauge, it was showing around 14.1V when the measured voltage at ACG was 14.4V so slightly lower displayed figure.

On the rpm gauge, it was showing about 840 - 850rpm when the measured data was 800rpm (40Hz) so it is displaying slightly higher figure.

Seems like MOT at my local Honda is fairly busy and looks like I'm not going to get any booking for this week.

So, while waiting, decided to at least re-visit the passenger footwell Bose speaker AMP.

After finding so many cables behind the glove box, I thought it should be easy once they were out of the way….

Too easy and I was wrong…..

As same as on some of the SRS control unit, the welding for the bolt mating thread/receptacle was broken and it simply kept spinning.

Without removing the bolt, can't take the speaker box out of the place.

Looking at the other bolt, someone already struggled under the same issue….

Didn't want drilling out the bolt head so decided to break the plastic tab and repair it once out of the cabin.
With pilot slit to encourage the breakage, managed to free the fixing tab without damaging the seal of the speaker enclosure.

Managed to repair the tab and if want to, can use the bolt through the fixing tab again.

However, going to leave this side of the bolt removed as someone will struggle again if removing the speaker box again in the future.

Already checked that it won't cause rattling noise as other bolts will hold the speaker box secure enough.