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ABS Solenoid (Classic 1st and 2nd generation) 03

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[ Apr/2020: Still in the process of updating this post. ]

[ Mention piston is balanced by the top chamber pressure at 1atm, same as the reservoir cap section and thus, no obstucle in the free movement of the piston.

Mention when the outlet valve is Off (NO, Normally Open), there is always flow to/from the inlet valve exit.
On the bench, one can pass air in both direction.
On the car, due to the piston spring force, the fluid simply returns to the reservoir.
Mention that in the diagram, there is no inlet exit or outlet entrance marked to simplify the diagram.
Also, the diagram doesn't show the exact position of each components.
Therefore, the high pressure fluid marked in solid red doesn't mean it enters the inlet valve there. It purely shows the concept of fluid flow through the solenoid body with two valves inside. ]

[ Mention stuck closed issue here. ]

[ Put test method using solenoid still held on the modulator body but with outlet exit exposed. ]

[ add system diagram ]

[ aerated fluid back into accumulator issue ]

[ reason for exercising too frequently within short time is not good idea here ]

[ activating ABS for prolonged distance/time issue - design issue, reason for upgrade ]


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  1. SWFL_NSX's Avatar
    Kaz, thanks for this. Your pictures are always helpful, and doubly so when they have text on them. This set helps the community move past, "my ABS is bad" and into more of a troubleshooting mindset where the different issues can be addressed.