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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Leather seat treatment, HID installation

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As I haven't been able to work on the engine for weeks, didn't want start any tasks requiring the delicate touch.
Decided to carry out something else to get my touch and sensitivity back to normal.

Good practice session by treating the leather seat as you will be using the entire hands.
I normally use hand moisturiser for quick treatment but once or twice a year, apply leather oil and leave it for like 24Hrs.

Please note that mine is NOT punching leather style so the following may not be suitable for your leather spec.

Some says that it won't be absorbed because the surface is actually plated/bonded rather than the real leather being exposed.
However, looking at the state of my 25 years old seat with more than 160K miles covered, seems to be the method used is effective.

If the leather is not too worn/damaged, you can use dye to hide the small scuff markings.

There are many products available on the market but because I have only minor scuff, I just use ordinary shoe polish.
In order to prevent leaving shiny spot, I just take small amount and just press it over the scuff without rubbing it in.

If you think you applied it too thick, just gently remove the excess with microfiber cloth and again, don't rub it too hard to prevent the shiny effect.
In fact, don't worry about leaving some residue because you will wipe it off at the very end of the process.

Next, apply the leather oil. Again, there are so many products available.
I live like 10min walking distance from the equestrian centre so just asked what they use for their saddle long time ago.
Forgot the exact name but spelled strange.
Just in the small tin with red like colour paste.

I just wear disposable glove and take generous amount of paste and massage it into the seat using both hands.
Use one hand to spread the crease while using the other to massage in the paste.

Once done, leave it for overnight.
I normally leave it at least 24Hrs.
Just plan it ahead when treating the driver seat as you don't want sitting in there before wiping off the oil and the residue of the dye.

Get microfiber cloth and wipe off the seat thoroughly.
It may depend on the type of the shoe polish used but I think due to the effect of the oil, even the area with excess polish left, it doesn't leave shiny spot after wiping the area thoroughly.

Unlike other product, it doesn't make the seat slippery so that's another benefit.

Don't throw away the used microfiber cloth.
I don't know it is fine to do so (please do it at your own risk) but for many years, I haven't seen any negative effect for using it for gentle surface cleaning of the rest of the cabin vinyl/plastic surface.

I also use 303 protectant spray for the dashboard, etc but not on the leather.

In parallel, installed the HID kit.
My original one lasted well over 10 years so instead of replacing just one faulty ballast, decided to replace the entire system.

As I saw so many similar shape/design products on the web, probably pretty much the same circuit board packaged under different logo/brand.
So, just went with the same shop as before.

Spent more time deciding on where and how to place each parts than actual installation process but again, good for finger practice.

My only concern is the potential shorter life due to much higher case temperature environment.

I know the headlight housing will get hot but didn't realise it can reach over 80degC….

The original system had much thicker case size that it was impossible to install it in the same manner so I just placed them under the front bonnet like this and the max case temperature was below 70degC.

With the new installation, the area can get much more hot so will see how long it can last.

There is small clearance against the headlight cover but it didn't melt the plastic or damage the paint after driving for 2Hrs with the head lights on so for now, going to keep this installation.

Now I'm ready to work on the engine again.