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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Yuasa Battery 02

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And installed.

Probably it's something to do with the angle or the effect of digital process but the colour of the Tayna sticker and the Yuasa label changed
compared to when the photo was taken straight from the top without angled.

By the way, through FB NSX UK Owners group discussion, found out that although YBX5005 is advertised with 5 years warranty,
it's by the distributor and not from Yuasa.

Yuasa only offers 1 year warranty but states that distributors WILL offer additional longer warranty.

Tayna website states that YBX5005 is guaranteed for 5 years so it's under Tayna's warranty condition.

Looking back some of my photo archive, I found out that Yuasa label used to carry '5 year guarantee' and
their website states that 'product rebrand is taking place across 2019' so probably the warranty condition changed not long time ago.

Don't know who makes the Honda battery these days.

I think the last Honda one on my NSX was manufactured in France.

Hope this Yuasa one will last for many years, just like the Honda one.

Just thought I sorted the battery, the right side headlight showed intermittent fault just now.

Sometimes no problem, other times, it flickers or just doesn’t work.
Glad it's after the MOT.

With latest MOT regulation, retro fitting of HID is not allowed although being as JDM that had HID option from the factory, managed to pass it.
My HID system is 11 years old and with some quick testing, found out that addition to the bulb/burner, the ballast/ignitor at the fault.

Based on other owner's review, thought about going for the LED option this time but not sure of the heat and the durability yet.
The technology is still advancing every day.

Probably will get another HID system to at least allow me driving the car again and in the meantime, review the LED bulbs.

Not much options for H1 though unless going for the cheap versions.
Philips one looked very nice but bit pricey…



  1. ianhb's Avatar
    Yes, be very careful with H1 LED bulbs. I bought the same make as the ones featured by Jonathan, but they must have changed the spec, or JDM lamp bases in 1994 were different, as the bulb would not fit through the hole in the lamp base, the bulb end was slightly. 1mm or so, too thick to pass into the lamp. Not many bulbs have the nibs for location either, and you would have had to carve the lamp fitting quite a lot to fit the aftermarket rubber covers needed to keep dust and water out, to avoid contamination of the reflectors. Plus no returning to standard if not happy with the conversion. I did not want to file or carve the bulb or the lamp base fitting, risk of grit on the reflector too high. Unsurprisingly, I returned the bulbs, and still use the best H1 halogens I could get. Philips extreme +130 but Osram nightbreakers almost as good. Pretty impressive for halogen they are too, considering, but not like HID of course.
    Good luck,