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Yuasa Battery 01

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Haven't been able to work on the NSX as much as I wanted recently and I may need making urgent short trip back to Japan so doing the best I can do at the moment.

Still, managed to find the time to pass the MOT on my NSX and must do the same for the MX-5 as well as for one of the owner's NSX.

Just after passing the MOT, for the first time in 7 years, noticed slightly slower cranking speed than usual.

With IGSW in P2 ON, always showing above 12V and normally, it stays above 10V during cranking until the eng starts but on that occasion, it went just below 10V resulting in bit slower cranking speed.

In UK, I normally replace the battery on NSX every 8 years regardless of the condition when using the ordinary lead acid battery but looks like over 30degC hot summer weather over the last few years is shortening the battery life.

In Japan, it's more to do with the driving condition and not just the scorching hot summer climate but many drivers are replacing the ordinary battery every 2 - 5 years.

Thought about carrying out the de-sulphating process on this 7 years old Honda battery to recover some of the remaining juice but I don't want stranded at the most inconvenient place and timing so decided to replace it.

As reported several times, the Honda battery got fairly expensive.

It used to be GBP50 - 65 depending on any promotions happening at the time of order but now, it's over GBP100.

With that amount, I would pay bit extra and get the AGM spec.
Can't do direct comparison but the Panasonic AGM one on the MX-5 always last well over 10 years. I think the last one survived more than 12 years.

Due to one important appointment, I wanted the new battery on the same day by collecting it from the shop or find online shop with the next day delivery.

Not much time for shopping around so went for the GS Yuasa battery YBX5005.
If in Japan, I would just get the Panasonic one.

Quick search showed that the amazon was the cheapest but they couldn't offer next day delivery even paying for it.

Thank you to britlude (Jonathan) and duncan at post #2 and #3 of this thread ( for introducing Tayna Batteries.

Placed the order and within 45min, despatch notice was received with DHL tracking no.
The following morning, received SMS from DHL with 1Hr delivery window and by lunch time, got the new battery so less than 24Hrs after placing the order.

With P&P of GBP8, got the battery delivered at just about GBP82.

Well packaged with valved protective bag.

Clear instruction on the removal of and where the ventilation plugs are.

Already charged and ready to start the engine but won't harm placing it on the battery condition for few hours before installation.
The existing Honda battery in the front.

The battery size is coded and standardised so exactly the same size.