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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

British GT Silverstone 500 Feat. Supercar Sunday

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Was nice meeting some of you yesterday.
I think there were about six or seven of us there.

I was prepared for the wet weather but it held nicely and even got some suntan.

Once again, lots of interests from the general public.

Very busy and more spectators than last few years.
The display area parking was almost full at one point.

Even met with some of my old friends from 20 years ago.

Thank you to Silverstone and the organisor for the invitation and the hospitality inc. the use of Brooklands suite.
The lounge was huge so even with extra people, not a problem but the balcony was very busy throughout the main race.

Pitlane walkabout had long-long queue but managed to get in, lots of kids enjoying the autograh and photo session and all drivers/team members were very friendly.

During the pit walkabout, there was parade lap but without the helmet requirement so basically, very slow lap.
Some were trying to create gap by driving slowly before the straight but still, not fast enough.
The exhaust note was not loud enough to be noticed so most of the spectators were focusing on the pit lane side.
Didn't bother taking part.

[All photos, videos by me, copyrights to Silverstone Circuit Ltd.]

Lambo being Lambo....

Nice seeing it being driven. McLaren Senna

Looking forward to meeting you in the future events.


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