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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Blancpain GT Series - Supercar Display Brands Hatch

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It was nice meeting some of you last Sunday.
Freezing cold yet still recovering from the suntan....

With busy life going through the challenging Eng Refresh and other projects, haven't really took proper day-off since last Boxing day.
Came to the point that I must take a break so it was nice making big changes to the rhythm of the life and fully enjoyed the day.

Thank you to Jonathan (britlude) for talking to MSV arranging this meeting and the people at Brands Hatch.
Well organised and one of the best display stand of the day.

Walked around to take photos of other makes/models but most of them were not lined up properly, too much gap between the cars.
Or, the shades from the hospitality buildings, nearby structures, etc disturbed the presentation/appearance so at the end, couldn't take nice photo.

Paul has not arrived yet….

Rare colour....

Kept the Eng hatch and bonnet closed for hours but as soon as I opened them, amazed how many people started surrounding the area….

Still, lots of interests from the public.

Finally, he is here….

Nice seeing some of the spectators spotted the very rare NA2 NSX-R in the country.

Really enjoyed observing the braking point into T1 but the excitement was somewhat toned down due to incident on opening lap for both race sessions.
Wish I were at the race control….

Looking forward to meeting you all in the future events.


[all photos taken by me and copyright MSV]


  1. NZNick's Avatar
    Great photos Kaz - thanks for sharing.