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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Cooling Sys, Brake OH, etc 34

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Adjusted the base idle air and the TH cable free play.

Already felt the engine runs much better with the new IG parts and super clean TH body.
It can idle smoothly even at below 600rpm.

Reset ECU and went out for the final test driving session.

Unfortunately, it was wet and normally, I wouldn't drive it in this condition but there was a specific requirement to return the car the following day so had no option.

With this suspension setup, it can lose traction even on the dry surface on UK road so took it very easily.

Warming up of the engine is now back to normal with the new thermostat.
Previously, it took ages even when it was not that cold.

Once again, the benefit of 15/16 size wheels and the responsive engine tuning.
The car just responds so well against the TH movement.
I still think 15/16 size is best suited for NSX handling although 17/18 with flush to the wing looks really nice.

I'm glad to report that the rattling noise on Off throttle is completely gone and I would love to put the VVIS end stop screw back to its original position.
I still think that it's combination of super dirty TH body with the VVIS control diaphragm/linkage area.

If it only happened on Off TH, I would say more likely to be super dirty TH body + dirty EACV + delayed dashpot but the rattling happened even at steady cruising with TH held at 2,500rpm so something else.

At some point, the owner needs to open the VVIS to get rid of all that sand like paste caused by the use of aftermarket air cleaner element so that will be a good timing to re-adjust the end stop screw.
Again, under normal situation and without knowing the actual setup, one should not touch it.

With fresh brake piston seal, etc, as expected, the knock back effect by the fresh lip of the seal causing extra brake pedal travel at the very initial stroke but quite normal.
Different from soft pedal feeling although sometimes, people got confused.

Cooling down session and back on the lift to inspect the top/bottom section for the last time.

Thank you for using my service and please try driving your NSX regularly as that's one of the best thing you can do to our NSX.


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  1. NZNick's Avatar
    Wow - that was a lot of work! Hope the owner will be even happier with his Type R now.