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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Cooling Sys, Brake OH, etc 16

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Front bank

Rear bank

Normally, the famous moisture issue at the rear bank will cause lots and lots of rust at the IG coil head.
With this NSX, although you can see some rust, nothing like other NSX and all three rear bank IG coils showed healthy coil head.
And you won't see this level of heavy corrosion at the front bank any way when there is almost no rust at the IG coil head.

Thus, the cause of issue can be determined if you know what to look for.

I always keep a set of rear bank 2pin IG coil and a set of NGK spark plugs for both the non-OBD and OBD spec.

Although I had aftermarket Intermotor new IG coil in stock, they are for another owner.

I used to be able to get Intermotor IG coil UF91 at about US$50 each before shipping/tax but for some reason, it's now over US$130 each so no point in ordering it....

For the quick test driving session, used my OEM used test IG coil at the front bank.

Later, got the delivery from Japan for the front bank 2pin style IG coil, etc.

I better start testing OEM 3pin IG coil using my engine as it's so much cheaper but not sure of the dowel time, winding ratio, effect of open circuit at the misfire voltage detection side, etc.

Only covered about 12miles using less than 3,500rpm so not conclusive but as far as I can feel/smell/see, looked far better than previously.
The exhaust fume still smelt bit rich but at that time, the fuel filter was still the old one.

Please drive regularly because even with the air conditioned garage, you are not safe.

As I almost live inside the garage these days, I can see all sorts of phenomenon due to changes in environment factor such as temperature, humidity, etc.

From what I saw in the past, the same thing is happening inside the engine as some of the valves are kept open while you park the car and again, slowly but gradually, it will chew into your cam shaft lobe, journal, crank/rod metal, etc.
And compared to where I lived in Japan, the effect seemed to be much worse here in UK.

In the process of removing and replacing all sorts of coolant hoses so not much to update.



  1. solidol's Avatar
    It would be nice to figure out how to use 3p coils on 91-94..
  2. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar

    Testing but not enough mileage/time covered yet.....