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The rattling S2000 antenna.

The owner told me that even with the use of frequency expander, not great reception.
This spec of NSX uses diversity antenna system so bit surprised hearing that.

From the service history, the S2000 antenna was actually installed by the Honda dealer but not great installation method…..

The signal AMP case was removed and the circuit board was just covered in tape....
In fact, the hole at the wing panel was slightly modified, bit of scratch markings and nothing to hold the antenna base against the panel because the metal base was not in use.

No wonder why it was rattling with fairly big gap at the base.
Also, the centre RF connection was already broken off so probably using just the rear hatch glass antenna all the time.

This is what you need to start with.

In modern tunner technology, the concept of preventing GND loop is old topic and instead, it can be compensated by the proper filtering circuit, etc.

However, with ancient radio system like the one on NSX, it's still good practice.

Found the frequency expander behind the OEM head unit but I hate people using this type of quick splice method....

I'm going to remove it and install new one in the boot as the owner may need removing it.

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