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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

ABS Upgrade (non-NSX), Health Check 14

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Time for the test driving session.

I can't test ABS performance properly without setting up the large radius curve at the proving ground so just 10mph hard braking while tyre is still cold.

Completely different tyre, wheel size, front/rear rake, chassis setup, etc from my NSX so no direct comparison between AP1 S2000 ABS modulator and the NSX one on mine but as expected, the same fast and gentle pedal kickback force/feeling.

The slip rate/deceleration map slope felt different as the interval/frequency of each kickback felt longer than mine under similar condition.
However, this NSX has two different tyre models between the front and rear and big difference in chasiss setup from mine so just an observation.

Still, it's night and day difference compared to the classic ABS.

Quite often, I heard from classic ABS owners that 'I don't trigger ABS so no need', 'I don't need it because I drove many old cars without ABS', etc, etc.
I myself still drive classic cars without ABS these days regularly.

On public road, 99% of the time, the ABS is very likely to be triggered without your intention.
Most likely, under panic braking condition.

With classic ABS, the brain power is not strong enough that it can't detect many situation when ABS should have been activated.
If you have the opportunity to test the difference of ABS generations, you will notice that with ancient ABS, it's almost impossible to aim the car to where you want to under continuous ABS operation through high speed cornering.

The response time is too slow so it will cause massive understeer.

Addition to this, if you have the pre-97 spec smaller brake caliper/disc, the brake balance was too much towards the front that you could easily lock the front side when shifting the chasis load on purposely and that will trigger the slow response ABS resulting in upsetting the chassis behaviour.

As mentioned several times on here, there is also one big potential design issue with the classic ABS.
Because it relies on the enormous high pressure fluid stored in relatively small capacity accumulator, it can't cope with pro-longed or frequent activation of the ABS.

After upgrading the ABS, you will notice that you are getting the gentle kick back from time to time even on the road you drive regularly.

For example, when going over the rough road surface just before stopping, changing the lane while braking on downslope from high speed, etc.

This will result in you paying much more attention to the ever changing driving environment.

The classic ABS can't detect these situations.

When you have noise related w/speed sensor issue, again, the classic ABS can't detect it so no ABS light yet it will trigger the ABS just before stopping.
Not nice feeling when you were suppose to stop the car.....

The upgrade ABS will trigger the ABS light under this condition.

So, while the ABS mapping may not be tuned for NSX and you may lose TCS depending on the selected modulator spec, still, upgrading the ABS using non-NSX modulator has much more advantage even over the healthy classic ABS while saving the cost compared to going straight to the NSX spec modulator.

It is far better than having no ABS or driving with faulty classic ABS.

Many owners are driving with stack closed solenoid issue without knowing it and of course, you won't get ABS light because that is not monitored by the classic ABS controller.

Panic braking applied, ABS controller requests the activation of inlet/outlet solenoids but you will end up with no ABS and will lock the wheels.

Even the professional drivers that I worked with, they know the importance of ABS under the panic braking condition.

I'm glad the owner made the right decision.

I only covered about 10miles so not enough to apply vibration and thermal shock to your wheel.

They are all refurbished in the past so please make sure to check the wheel nut torque on your return.

They will become loose because of the coating used.

108Nm please.

By the way, for the fat five wheel cover, please position this retainer at the opposite side of the tyre valve.

So, after some delay, pushed really hard over the weekend and the car is ready to be returned.

Thank you for using my service and hope you will love the night and day difference with the healthy upgraded ABS.