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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

ABS Upgrade (non-NSX), Health Check 13

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Left the system under pressure for 40min and inspected for any seepage.

Happy with the result so installed the water gutter in front of the 6-way joint near the battery positive cable.

As always, my standard procedure not to fill to the max when re-using the old disc and pad.

While I'm returning the classic ABS controller to the owner, he agreed to let me disassemble the failed ABS modulator.

It would be interesting to see whether it failed with punctured accumulator or dead ABS pump or even both.

Updated 08-01-2019 at 03:05 PM by Kaz-kzukNA1

ABS Upgrade