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ABS Upgrade (non-NSX), Health Check 12

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Sealed the grommet section where the ABS Upgrade loom was passed through.

Marked as AP1 (for now).

For ABS diagnosis purpose only, please use this SCS connector from now on.
Mounted at the spare wheel bracket/ABS guard.

For the rest of the controllers such as ECU, EPS, etc, you will still use the passenger foot well 2pin blue SCS connector.

The owner is planning to get battery conditioner from CTEK in the future but until then, he will be staying with what he has at the moment.

The existing terminals were very poor and some of the wires were already cut/broken.

Replaced with new terminals and wired in both adaptor cables since I had the battery out of the car.

In the future, when removing the existing conditioner terminals, it can be done without touching the CTEK side.

Pressure bled the hyd system.

I had no idea how long this used AP1 S2000 ABS modulator was exposed to outside world with all 6 hyd ports without any protection.

Although I normally flush the system in two rounds any way, as a pre-caution, decided to carry out extra round with lots of extra fluid.

Addition to the usual amount of fluid, extra 1L was on purposely passed through the used accumulator.

This should eliminate any moisture inside and hope it's now free from any contamination.

I'm more worried about the state of the master cyl….

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ABS Upgrade