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While waiting for the next owner in the queue to bring his NSX to me, carried out quick services for others.
Another NSX with empty ABS reservoir with wet markings.

The owner told me that while it triggered ABS pump frequently everytime when started moving, the pump always stopped in short period with no ABS light.
Hope it's just leaky solenoid and full of air accumulator issue.

Another owner was not so lucky.....
He just started experiencing the typical 120sec ABS light phenomenon.

Unfortunately, after some diagnosis, it became clear that either the ABS pump or the accumulator were dead that even operating the motor for 30sec, the reservoir level just didn't drop at all.
Also, there was no high pressure fluid stored at all inside the accumulator.

Discussed with the owner regarding the options of refurbishing the existing unit or replacing it with another used unit.

Considering the usage of the car, the driving style and the annual mileage, instead of investing the money into the classic ABS that would fail again
unless driven and exercised regularly or flushed every year or so, recommended converting the system to the later spec AP1 S2000 modulator.

It can be upgraded to full NSX spec modulator later fairly easily.

In my view, far better than having no ABS at all or faulty unreliable classic ABS that has potential design issue.

The owner already got the AP1 used modulator so I hope I can test it on the bench or on my NSX once I have all the required parts.

Back to the original NSX.

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