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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Cooling Sys, ABS Upgrade, etc 40

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Due to the length of the ext loom (too short), had no option but to route the Front O2 Pri sensor in the similar route as before.

Really hate this routing though........ Anything trapped under the car could damage the wire and short the cable resulting in expensive ECU damage.

To minimise the risk, hidden the cable behind the metal bracket/beam and created cable tie anchor but really, should be replaced with much longer ext loom and route it towards the rear subframe and run the cable along the secondary O2 sensor looms then side of the rear valve cover along the eng loom.

The cable tie anchor may become dislocated under vibration with long term usage so it's a temporary measure.

Please get new long enough ext loom in the near future and re-route it properly.
I have the materials to create new ext loom but considering the price of them (F1 spec), not cost effective compared to the ones already on the market.

Quick 30 - 60sec fireup to push the air pocket towards the heater core and header tank.

Another bleeding process.

Followed by proper fireup to fully warm up the engine to open the thermostat.

Eng sounded smooth with almost no misfire but probably it's just me.......

Pushrod clearance checked, bench bled using the fluid supplied by the owner and time to pressure bleed it.
I hope I have enough fluid for the task as I used it for the CL Hyd Sys as well......

Hope I can test drive the car properly over this weekend but the air con doesn't work and I must keep the CCU at 32degC any way.....

Getting there.