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Denso Compressor 471-1193, 4Seasons Drier 33412 - part 1

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Going to post these here for the future reference.

Delivered in decent box with good protection inside.

Gasket and o-ring included.

OD of the largest section of the pulley is about 146mm.

Measured the mounting offset on the NA2 NSX at my place at the moment.

It is exactly the same as this re-manufactured one as 57mm from the centre of the mounting bolt to the centre rib of the pulley.

So, despite my original assumption, this Clutch/pulley is indeed for the 97+ geometry.

Still, partially wrong info on Denso website from the point of year model and pulley diameter.

Quite different offset from my 94 setup as there is fair amount of gap between the pulley and the chamber cover of the compressor.

I'll measure the offset on mine later when the lift is free.


  1. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar

    Refrigerant Pulley Dia. Pulley Offset Connector
    471-1194 R134a 125mm,
    too small
    91-96 spec wrong
    471-1193 R134a 140mm 97+ spec same as OEM
    471-1424 R12 140mm 91-96 spec same as OEM

    Extra info here;

    And here: