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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Brake OH, DR shaft, etc 18

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Normally, I would have coated the caliper and carrier bracket before installing the seals, pistons, etc but considering the state of these bare metal,
I had no confidence in achieving good coating so decided to install the service kits first.

As expected, bit of struggle keeping the dust boot seated properly but managed at the end.

As the standard procedure, double checked the seating and smooth operation of each pistons.

If any leaks or installation issues, you will see strange change in the shape of the boot or the piston won't slide smoothly with just one finger.

After masking the mating surface of the bolt, hub, piston, pad, etc, applied just 2 coats purely for cosmetic purpose as
there is no way I can achieve the same level of my normal service without being able to prepare the metal surface free from the rust.

Should have kept the boiler room door closed overnight…..

The entire house smells……