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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Brake OH, DR shaft, etc 17

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Lost all of the photos last week due to memory card failure so no way of showing each process but
these are after the initial cleaning stage for the inspection….

I couldn't believe the amount of rust/debris came off before I can even get to the bare metal….

They looked like this before........


The majority of the groove for the dust boot seating area was heavily corroded….

Spent extra hours for carefully cleaning and inspecting it to get to this level...... Still some rust....

Wish it looked like this.......

I don't think I'm going to remove any further.....

Instead of applying multiple paint coats, thought about just applying dash of spray paint for cosmetic reason but with so much rust at the surface, not sure about the result….

Hope the owner is looking at this and reply back to my email....

Change in plan….

Instead of replacing just the FL brake pipe, the owner now decided to go for the ABS Upgrade that requires the replacement of this brake pipe any way so
another delay but fortunately, I have majority of the parts and missing ones are already left Japan so should be with me soon.


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