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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Eng Refresh + LMA, Health Check, etc 55

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The side cushion rubber under the bonnet/hood was missing from this NSX at both sides.

New ones now installed.

The radiator bottom cushion mount.

Looks like someone removed the radiator in the past but didn't install it properly causing the mount to shift.

Applied silicone compound and with the help of hot air from the heater gun, managed to recover the original shape.

Will be installed properly with the Koyo Racing Rad.

And installed.

With the design of the hose neck on Koyo Racing Rad, you will need to place the hose cramp slightly inward compared to the OEM setup.

Still, direct drop-in fitment with no modification required.

Where is mine……

When I looked at the back of the crank pulley, I knew it's going to be a difficult task dealing with the oil pan and yes indeed, it was tough…..

So much sticky oil debris were trapped behind the metal gasket rail that even after washing them off multiple times, the oil still showed up.

Tried pushing out the tiny dent at the base that I reported at the very beginning of the service but due to the design of the rib at the base,
unless I push it out further, it will simply bounce back so decided not to do it.

The dent is very small so not going to affect the oil collection.

The sticky oil residue, probably from the blowby.

By the way, never touch your mobile phone while dealing with the oil pan especially the fingerprint sensor.......