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Dishwasher - thank you for the hard working over the last 16 years....

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As reported last week, the 16 years old dishwasher was not feeling well.….

I don't like just replacing something without acknowledging that it can't be cost effectively repaired but then
my boss was about to flying out to Japan and being told to sort it out by the end of the week so quick reaction required.

The motor just couldn't generate enough pressure to spin the spray arm.

The lower arm was just about moving with water flowing out of the nozzle (but not strong enough to spray the water around).
And almost nothing from the upper arm.

I even operated the dishwasher with the door opened and the passage to the upper arm blocked on purposely.

I could see the water level is fine but the water pressure generated by the pump was so weak.

I was hoping that something was trapped in the manifold passage but after taking the motor out, checking the capacitor, looking for any blockage at the manifold and
even operated the motor with the side panel off.…..

It was obvious that the motor was not spinning fast enough….

The bearing also looked like rattling a little.

Some sort of zone valve or something but I don't think my dishwasher had 'half load' option or similar and
looks like the flap/valve or something connected to it was already snapped off from the shaft.

Still, the main issue was the slow motor.....

There seems to be no issues with the controllers.

New pump will cost like GBP160….

Based on what I studied at the uni and also the advancement in motor technology,
I always felt that it's not always the best for something to last for very long time when it comes to electrical motored product.

So, considering the price of new motor, it was decided to get new one and have it delivered the next day.

I only had 45min to decide before the time limit for the next day delivery for Friday, otherwise it would be the following week so very quick decision.

New one delivered Friday evening, installed it the following morning and so far, happy with the decision.

Seems like the 'Environment friendly' became the main stream even in this area and no matter what cycle you use,
after each wash, the cycle will go back to the default setting of 'Eco' mode…..

You have to select your preferred option every time unless you want staying in Eco mode and then press Start button.....

It takes extra 15 - 30min for auto cycle compared to that of 16 years old model unless selecting optional menu to increase the water and electricity usage.

For the same reason, there will be some water drops left unless selecting another option for Extra dry time.....

Still, very quiet and washes very well so happy with it.

Hope it will survive another 16 years or so.