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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Eng Refresh + LMA, etc 41

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60deg offset at the spider between inboard and outboard joint.
On some NSX, I saw wrong offset being used causing failure at the drive shaft.

The fresh grease into the outboard joint.

Normally, I don't take photo at this stage but I had to change my glove so rare opportunity.
You can't squeeze out all of the grease from the bottle in the parts bag and not enough any way so small amount to be added from the bottle for the inboard side.

Because of this roller joint structure, you need to be very careful when changing the rideheight or using aggressive camber.
If you go beyond the design limit, 100% guaranteed to crack the joint or even slip the spider.
Sudden change in traction at one rear wheel while you are driving..... Almost like steering at the rear...... Not good.

Adjusted the amount of air inside the boot and ready for the installation.

This NSX is AT model so the shaft body itself is at the same length between R & L.
MT model use the same length shaft as AT only at the right side and hence, no white marking at the left drive shaft.

Punched in the new trans seal using the SST.

It was very good idea to replace it as the oxidation/corrosion was already went into the lower outer edge of the old seal that it would have leaked later.

Drive shaft back in place.

At least at this stage, both RR and RL w/speed sensors are still alive.


  1. ozon02's Avatar
    I want to ask you to perform two loops from a metal clamp (picture 7) or 1.I had a leak in this place.
  2. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar

    Hi, ozon02.

    Nothing special there. Tried uploading the pdf file but seems like there is no option for uploading a file in the comment section so just converted them into jpeg.
    Please follow the above procedure.
    You can buy just single boot band from Honda if you are doing simple repair service or if you do this regularly, you can find aftermarket set with long-long band as a custom kit.
    Or, if you need the boot, c-ring, grease, band, spindle nut, etc, then you can get the boot service kit from Honda as well. Getting the boot service kit from US is the cheapest.
    Boot band tool is very cheap that you can find it from many places online.

  3. ozon02's Avatar
    Thank you for the exhaustive response (I did as you suggested - I bought a CV Joint Replace Kit in the USA)