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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Eng Refresh + LMA, etc 17

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Spent days for cleaning the engine.

Initially, I thought the internal parts were very clean.
However, once I started removing the parts, noticed lots of black oil behind the cam holder, inside the rocker shaft, piston at primary rocker arm, etc.
Also, there were several black liquid gasket at the base of cyl head still not hardened yet due to contaminated by oil so looks like
someone applied too much of it and then dropped it.
Black one is not used in Japan and used mainly by Honda UK dealers so probably from the last TB service.

Despite cleaning the outside of engine really well, there were still lots to do behind the cyl head behind the TB cover plate, etc so again, spent extra hours just for cleaning.

LMA pocket was full of black oil so cleaned all of them to this level.

All blowby contaminated black oil removed from many pockets around the cyl head.

Keep cleaning.

Removed all of the liquid gasket residue.
Will create oil free surface just before installing the valve cover.

Finally, happy with the state of cyl head so started the re-asembly process.

New LMA installed.
Although it’s fairly warm and not much humidity in the air, the temperature difference between day and night is quite big so
decided to use the assembly lube again….. My finger smells…..

All rocker arms back on rear cyl haed.
Checked the movement of arms and happy with it.
Moving onto front side.

Should have painted the valve cover last weekend but it was too windy.
Now the temperature dropped and some rain may be approaching.
Looks like working over the Easter…..



  1. unclebob's Avatar
    what do u recommend to degrease the external casing the engine?
  2. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    Hi, unclebob.

    I use several different chemicals.
    For the external side, I normally use very hot water with the chemical powder from Japan. It's widely used by engine shop as it can even remove the baked carbon on the piston.
    In UK, I think you can find similar product but not as efficient as the one I use.
    The UK one I tried was again hot water based but forgot the name….. It's green colour fluid.
    If I can find the container, I'll post it here.

    The key is to use the combination of hot water and compressed air sprayer during the rinsing process.
    It will blast away majority of the sticky debris.
    This is the reason why I spend so much time just for cleaning the outside of the engine before opening the valve covers.
    You don't want anything dropping inside the engine after removing the valve covers and very important to get rid of the loose bits.

    By the way, please do not apply high pressure on the electrical connector. They are WPC (Water Proof Connector) but the spec is not complete WP, more like splash proof.
    In Japan, lots of garages use steam cleaning at really high pressure but it could allow moisture entering the connector terminals resulting in many issues until it dries out so not recommended without protecting these connectors.

    For small area, you can use many other methods.
    Using the microfiber cloth with your finger is very effective.

    For stubborn dirt, small amount of white gas on microfiber cloth is effective but please make sure to check the material first.
    The ordinary pump fuel can be used but I don’t like the smell and almost all of them have other chemicals with their details not listed on the MSDS so not recommended.
    I use the Alkylate, like Aspen 4.

    Brake cleaner is sort of OK but it dries out too fast so not effective on sticky stuff.

    The most important thing is the patience.