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Today at Atelier Kaz - ex-Honda R&D, F1, Indy/CART engineer

Door Window Refresh 02

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The new right side window regulator.

Long time ago, I received the parts but at that time, one of the holder bracket at the motor was broken even before opening the parts bag.
Fortunately, Honda replaced it at free of charge but I think itís the problem with the way this regulator motor was packaged inside the bag. The motor body is heavy and it can move inside the bag freely and there is no protection whatsoever inside the bag.

When I send the regulator to other owners, I always ask them to let me open the bag and wrap the motor body outside of the parts bag so that it canít hit the regulator rail or move around inside the package.
Hope Honda Parts will change the way they package this parts in the future.

Addition to the AD, Japanese people uses their own name of an era. Currently, itís in the era of Heisei.
On the window regulator, it used to show the manufacturing/lot date in the YYYY/MM/DD format but on this one, it came with Heisei code.
Heisei Year 26 equals to 2014 so this regulator is from 25/Sep/14.

The new front and rear sashes. As always, applied 303 protectant instead of silicone compound where I donít want to leave sticky residue.

While the front sash changed its shape over the years of NSX production (and the parts manufacture never told Honda about it so one parts no with two different specÖ..), the rear sash stayed the same when looked from outside.

Compared to what I saw in Japan, I was quite surprised on how hard the rubber got at the rear sash on this NSX.
With the new one, itís so much more flexible and easy to work with when trying to adjust the alignment.
Possibly something to do with the strong UV ray.

Always challenging to release/install the door opener rod at rear sash from/to the locking mechanism inside the door panel. Multiple linkages and so easy to pop out the metal washer from the rod holder. Always keep spare before attempting to work in this area.

I had to re-adjust the rod length on the new one as I couldnít open the door from outside.
Always apply liquid gasket or locktite at the rod thread.

In the process of adjusting the glass height then remove the inner trim from the door opening before adjusting the incline alignment.
Even after getting used to this task, still I need at least full 1 day for just one side of the door.

More to follow later.