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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Health Check, Alignment, Brake OH, etc 09

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As reported earlier, the rubber cushions at the R side head light retractor were missing and causing the vibration. After doing some measurement, small adjustment were made at the stopper bolt and the rubber cushions were installed.

Now the frame itself no longer shakes even with force applied.

The beam alignment adjuster itself had small play behind the white plastic.
I thought about sandwiching tiny plastic or rubber material in there but with such tiny gap, it could widen it during the process and cause even more issues in the future so for now, decided to keep it as it is and deal with it again once it gets worse.

Applied silicone grease around the rod, body, etc at the two adjusters.

Seems like someone was already in this area.
Fibreglass like repair trace was observed at the Right side housing.

Also, it was missing the plastic washer from one of the holder bolt.

Left side head light unit had very strange beam alignment. It was too much towards the left side.
This, in fact, helped a lot in preventing the head light unit from shaking while driving.
Adjusted the alignment closer to mine that passed the MOT just recently.

With this adjustment, the light unit showed extra rattle but again, the gap behind the white plastic was not large enough to cause huge issue.
So, same treatment was done as the right side.

By the way, when I first looked at this NSX, I didnít like the bonnet and bumper alignment.
I canít do much without removing the bumper and you really donít want to touch the alignment unless you are prepared for the several hours task.
Unless required, I will never remove the front bumper based on many experiences. As same as the door glass alignment, you will end up with hours of alignment session as it will change even by the difference in bolt torque.

So, adjusted it with several spacers for now.

There were many things inside the boot so before visiting the alignment place, emptied them as much as possible.

In the process of alignment service.

I knew the right side caster was seized but the left side was fine so just balanced them during the process.
As always, the print out wonít show the final result due to the multiple rounds we use for adjusting the alignment.
For some reason, the machine tends to remember the figure every time when we centre the steering wheel or adjust the caster in multiple rounds and at that time, the operator will be inside the car but not at the time of adjustment so I always have to take photo or write down the latest figure.

Even some of the final four corner data on the display are not the same when we display just the front or rear ones on there so the data in the photo is also not necessarily correct.
Hope the manufacture fixes the software bug.

Itís about 30min driving one way to/from the alignment place and itís good way to set all emission flags by carrying out 70mph steady cruising mode.

Got back and while waiting for the car to cool down, re-soldered the old main relay.
Please keep this on the car so that it can be used as an emergency spare or it may help another owner stranded on the road.
I already helped a few owners with my spare unit.

Washed the car, blow dry and quick driving around the corner to dry the engine, brake disc and any moisture left in the hidden spaces.

Finally, done.

Thank you for using my service and hope you will enjoy your NSX before the winter arrives.


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