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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

Cooling Sys Refresh, Health Check, etc 03

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Lots of package containg electrical components and parts sent out yesterday and all of them were delivered this morning so that's good news.

In the meantime, already removing the coolant hoses so doing catch up updating the blog.....

I noticed that there were several signs of our little friend being around in the past on this NSX.
Fortunately, none of the wires were chewed in.
I need to think something for this TH cable sleeve.

The TH cable itself was very loose but I need to adjust it any way as I have removed the TH body to clean it.

The air cleaner element looked to be replaced in the past but in white colour so not Honda OEM although the manufacture name was the same.
Probably the one from Blue Print.

Someone applied copper grease around the air box fixing screw and accidentally touched the air cleaner element.
Not big proble
m but not nice.

The air box cover was missing one of the stud receptacle. The screw at the upper cover was just spinning.
Not sure the best method to deal with this.

The green bit and the wet marking are from the A/C line.
In fact, I noticed this as there was clear leaking marking on the flat under tray cover across the centre floor.

Looked like a/c gas/oil leaking from around this bracket section. I'm going to leave the wet marking on the centre floor cover so that it can be found easily in the future.
Not much I can do without replacing/welding it.

No big drama as Iím going to replace this radiator but no surprise the existing one is already leakingÖ.
Glad that the owner decided to include this service as originally, there was no plan to replace it.

Found the reason why there were so many powder like material around the a/c belt idle pulley.
The compressor and the belt were replaced in the past with aftermarket ones and either the pulley or
the belt diameter was different compared to the OEM one that the belt tension was really loose.

The black powder was from the belt bouncing on the pulley ribs and getting damaged.

I donít have OEM one in stock and to be honest, there is a possibility that the belt has to be smaller diameter
depending on the size of the compressor pulley so will leave it for now.

Itís just about started leaking at the drive shaft joints.
All four of them are making clicking noise so need refurbishment in the future.

Finished the Health Check apart from the test driving session.
Haven't tried it yet but from what I can feel, I think the brake calliper needs overhaul at some point.
Front discs are also worn.