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Today at Atelier Kaz - Private NSX Enthusiast, ex-Honda R&D engineer with F1, Indy/CART background

ABS Upgrade, Door Window Refresh, etc 10

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European spec high pressure washer motor, grommet, seal sponge. The old motor was still active but lost pressure so already partially dead.

Washer tube held with new bracket.

Going to return these old parts to the owner.

Time to test the new system.
Looks like the old aftermarket one didn’t have enough pressure that someone adjusted the nozzle fairly high and aiming bit outward.

When I activated the washer from outside the cabin, the washer fluid shot straight into my head.
Lesson learnt….
Never operate the washer until you get inside the cabin…..

Adjusted the washer nozzle angle and happy with the result.
Will check again while driving at high speed as I disabled the wiper arms through the relay.

Back to the door glass….

Another cause of the slow window. The worn and loose glass guide pieces.
One each at both front and rear sides were really loose causing extra friction.
The silver colour is the worn metal powder from the guide rail trapped in the grease.....

The front and rear guide rail together with the regulator.

Because of the 3D shape, it was not possible to take good photo in 2D but if you compare the new and used parts side by side, you can tell how far the used one changed the shape/angle over the years and also the scratch markings inside the channel.

This is the main cause of the slow window.
Also, as mentioned in the past, it helps a lot by activating the window switch for like 0.1sec in down direction when you are going to park the car for a prolonged period.
This will reduce the stress on the entire system as the glass was forced to stop when it hit the stopper plates while still moving upwards under massive tension/force from the regulator.
There is no fuzzy logic used on this system.