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    Confirmation of NSX GT3 class racer being designed and built.

    Thread Starter: Pride

    Now this should be interesting, a GT3 class NSX2 is being produced to compete alongside other 600bhp+ racers, bearing in mind that electric motors...

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    Thread Starter: britlude

    30 July 2017 just seen this on facebook, for those that are not going to fly the NSX flag at Silverstone Classic..... ...

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    Head Gasket Failure

    Thread Starter: UnhuZ

    Hi, that's why i used NSXprime to store all my NSX photos, right up until it stopped allowing uploads to our personal gallery and only as...

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  • Seen an NSX for sale

    A polite reminder to everyone .....

    This forum is here to help owners new and old enjoy their NSX.

    If you are looking for an NSX and find one, please feel free to ask if anyone has knowledge of the individual car and to reply via PM.
    Please also follow the links from the homepage that offer lots of advise and buyers guide information to buying and owning an NSX.

    If you do NOT have knowledge of the specific NSX in question, please refrain from becoming judge and jury based on a few photos and the wording in the advert. Not every car will self destruct because its being sold!!

    Please refrain from readvertising every UK NSX that goes up for sale - if the seller wishes to register and advertise an NSX here then well done them for finding the forum. Please do not advertise the car for them.

    NSXCB is not a recognised authority on the market value of cars on sale.

    Thank you

    NSX CB