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  1. Gauge Cluster - Tester

    The NSX Gauge Cluster provides a large number of functions and displays, resulting in roughly 60 pins across two green connectors. Testing all of them manually is a error-prone task, requires special equipment and takes a lot of time. To speed things up, it helps to have a tester that provides all of these functions in a compact way and utilizing the original connectors.

    A simple user interface. Usage of the original connectors. Adaptable for multiple ...

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  2. Gauge Cluster - Capacitor Replacement

    The Gauge Cluster suffers from ageing capacitors as many ECUs in the NSX do. Leaking capacitors at the gauge cluster is a serious issue. Acid near the warning indicator circuit causes shorts and even potentially lead to a fire. Same as with the other capacitor issues, a replacement should be considered before the unit fails.

    First signs are a non-accurate speed indication or a permanently lit brake light warning even though bulbs and wiring are ...

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  3. Gauge Cluster - Bulb Replacement


    Around the 100.000 to 150.000 km range the first illumination and indicator bulbs in the Gauge Cluster start to fail. Replacing individual bulbs isn't economical considering the effort to get the cluster out of the car. Replacing all bulbs is the preferred route (except for AT vehicles - which will be explained below).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    JDM 1997 AT Cluster

    All bulbs can be replaced without disassembling the cluster, except ...

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  4. Gauge Cluster

    The NSX's Gauge Cluster is a good example for a nice and simple design - it features a symmetric layout with one large dial on each side, accompanied by two small dials. These main functionalities are realized:

    • Speed dial (country specific labeling and range)
    • Tachometer (model specific range)
    • Temperature, oil pressure and fuel gauge
    • Shift indicator (AT only)
    • ~30 indicator lights (some model and country specific)

    Variations and Build ...
  5. MIni Honda Meeting

    During this year's holiday a colleague and former internship student during my time in Japan contacted me on Instagram and asked for a drive with the NSX. In addition, one of his friends was driving a BA4 Honda Prelude and it was immediately decided to integrate him into the activity.
    All this took place just one day after returning from Slowenia but as there was no need for preparation it did not cause much stress.

    To avoid missing each other we exchanged telephone numbers first ...

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