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    Merry Xmas Kaz from the other side of the pond!
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    Thanks for the reminder Simon. No it’s not for those but in case I want to put my OEM 7 spokes back on in the future.
    Merry Xmas!
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    Quote Originally Posted by exiges1
    Hi Kaz, is that the U.K. part number?
    Are you interested in these for your aftermarket rims Tony? I don't believe they will fit as your wheels will most likely have tapered seats.
  4. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    Good point.
    I think code SNW is for the FD2 4Dr Civic that was only available for Japan market???
    If so, probably not easy getting it through HUK.

    Looks like Lings Honda website is changing so not easy searching for the parts using the OEM parts no.....


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    Hi Kaz, is that the U.K. part number?
  6. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar

    Standard OEM nut

    Wheel lock nut

    Just got the delivery of 08W42-SNW-000 and I can confirm that it's the correct one for our NSX and it's in black finish.
    As always, the wheel lock nut has significant difference in weight compared to the standard one so please consider where to fit it.


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    Thank you, I will check it out.
  8. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    In 1994, I bought 08W42-SL0-000 (black finish) but it was discontinued long time ago.

    Modern Honda models are using different hub bolt size so I don't know whether it will fit or not but 08W42-SNW-000 is in black finish and could be suitable for our NSX but don't count on me for this as I have never used it on my NSX….

    I may order a set for myself as I replaced the rest of the standard black wheel nuts several times in the past and just done another round but without the wheel lock nuts so good test fitting opportunity.

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    Hey Kaz, do you know if are they available in black?
    Hope you are feeling better soon.
  10. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    I'm on several strong medicines since last weekend and had to stay inside but just about getting back to normal life.
    The photos were for another owner but I got exactly the same question from so many owners from different countries so decided to post them here instead.
    Forgot to take the photo of the mating thread/hole on the chassis frame side but will do it next time.
    Will add some comment later.

  11. SWFL_NSX's Avatar
    Kaz, thank you for this blog-always interesting.

    Could you explain to us the difference in hole size between the left and right sections of this subframe?
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    Thats a long time to go without your boss.
    Can you cook?
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    Lol, suitable summary!
  14. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    Treat it like PC and don't drop it.
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    ? I have now moved into a twigh-light zone Kaz. Can you simplify your statement
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    you would have the opportunity to take a picture of the top of the piston?(How much carbon)
  17. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    For this NSX, the owner bought the sensors by himself and tried replaced all four sensors before taking the car to me.

    OEM sensor is from Denso.

    The owner brought the OE indentical aftermarket Denso ones. Good sensor.
    I normally use NTK one and I have been using it on many NSX including mine.

    Due to its characteristic, there are some deviation in output signal for each sensor but being as narrow band, the effect is not that huge.
    Still, the OEM one is 'selected' against the specific characteristic window and hence, the high price.

  18. ozon02's Avatar
    do you use only Oem 02 sensor or allowed use Aftermarket
  19. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    I think I got the same/similar question on here or on Prime but personally, I won't use aftermarket pulley especially on NSX engine.

    ATI pulley is being used by my local race team in their monster drag racing machine so must be of a good product but I don't know how it was tested on the dyno using the NSX engine or the simulated model.

    The one from RF-Yamamoto was introduced on the market ages ago.
    At that time, the developer advertised it on one of the most famous NSX Forum in Japan but didn't go down well.

    For our NSX engine, there is a reason for why the crank pulley is so heavy.
    At certain rpm range, there is a resonance frequency that if continuously kept running at this specific range, it could shorten the life of the TB.
    The OEM crank pulley is there to shift this resonance order out of the designed usable engine rpm.
    Almost impossible to keep running the engine continuously in this rpm range even on track but none-the-less, if you run the engine on the dyno, you can detect it.

    Very little risk but I don't see the reason to go for the aftermarket one with unknown test procedures.

    In Japan, the general consensus now-a-days is to replace the OEM one at every TB service for street driving condition NSX and at much earlier stage or install the shield if taking one's NSX on track.


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    Thank you Nick.
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