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  1. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar

    If you sent email to my Yahoo UK address....

    Setting up two phones at the same time.....

    And already made mistake....

    If you sent email today (06/Dec UK time) to my Yahoo UK address (different from the one in the QR code at the right window) and haven't heard from me within the next 24Hrs, please could you kindly resend it?

    Probably won't be back on FB until some point this weekend.....

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  2. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    Hi, Heineken.
    Had it for years now and while it had far better vacuum performance (2 stage pump), due to air flow rate issue and mainly the fitting spec difference, it was only used as a backup method.

    I wish people made all fittings to the same spec…
    Different thread shape/pitch, coupling spec, etc when buying air tools from Japan, UK, US, Europe….
    As I only use air tools for very limited applications, it was not high priority to sort it out.

    Still, annoying when need using the tool quickly so decided to convert all fittings to single spec this time.
    Hence, the backup now became the main method.

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  3. Heineken's Avatar
    Looks like a new vacuum coolant filler system, or just the vaccuum meter attached additionally?
  4. ozon02's Avatar
    beautiful work as always
    I do not know the course of the car but I see that English weather does not serve fasteners - a lot of oxides !
  5. solidol's Avatar
    surprised you don't want to use heat shields on the cats
  6. Heineken's Avatar
    "Fair amount of blowby oil trapped at the bottom chamber.
    If excessive amount, you will start seeing white smoke from the exhaust when using high rpm."

    Remembering that effect when I first drove the NSX on a test track in Shiobara with full throttle and looking through the rear mirror. It took me a while to learn that the just recently acquired car wasn't already broken ..
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  7. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    Yahoo started recovering slowly from yesterday afternoon and now looks to be back to normal so please use my Yahoo UK email address again.

    Many people sent email to my Yahoo UK address while Yahoo was having this technical issue.
    Looking at the time stamp of all the emails emerged later yesterday, looks like they were buffered and not bounced back to the sender.

    I'm in the middle of replying back to all of them at the moment.
    If it's going to be long/complicated subject, I'll at least send out simple email first confirming that I have received yours and will send out another one with much more detailed reply later.

    If you don't hear from me within the next 12Hrs, please resend the email or contact me through different channels.

    Thank you.

  8. SWFL_NSX's Avatar
    Kaz, thanks for this. Your pictures are always helpful, and doubly so when they have text on them. This set helps the community move past, "my ABS is bad" and into more of a troubleshooting mindset where the different issues can be addressed.
  9. NoelWatson's Avatar
    My thoughts are with you Kaz.
  10. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    Thank you all for the kind message, much appreciated.
    And same goes to the owners, their family and my friends I met last Sunday at Silverstone.

  11. Senninha's Avatar
    Thinking of you and your family, warmest wishes, Paul
  12. exiges1's Avatar
    Our thoughts are with you and your family.
  13. Heineken's Avatar
    My condolences.
  14. wixer's Avatar
    Sorry to hear Kaz.
  15. britlude's Avatar
    Condolences Kaz
  16. Pride's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that too Kaz.
    My condolences,
  17. Procar Specials's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that, KAZ.
    All the best.
  18. ianhb's Avatar
    Yes, be very careful with H1 LED bulbs. I bought the same make as the ones featured by Jonathan, but they must have changed the spec, or JDM lamp bases in 1994 were different, as the bulb would not fit through the hole in the lamp base, the bulb end was slightly. 1mm or so, too thick to pass into the lamp. Not many bulbs have the nibs for location either, and you would have had to carve the lamp fitting quite a lot to fit the aftermarket rubber covers needed to keep dust and water out, to avoid contamination of the reflectors. Plus no returning to standard if not happy with the conversion. I did not want to file or carve the bulb or the lamp base fitting, risk of grit on the reflector too high. Unsurprisingly, I returned the bulbs, and still use the best H1 halogens I could get. Philips extreme +130 but Osram nightbreakers almost as good. Pretty impressive for halogen they are too, considering, but not like HID of course.
    Good luck,
  19. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    Thank you for the kind word, Paul.
    Posted this in FB UK Owners group but stuck in the garage cleaning all these rocker arms and found minor issue....

    Good to see Takuma-san on the podium especially after the pitstop issue earlier in the drama.
    Interesting enough, I took above photo with Takuma-san and his late father after the race long time ago.


  20. Senninha's Avatar
    Hi, Kaz.
    I hope you took time for the Monaco GP, and, I hope you saw your good friend take to the Indy 500 podium
    Rgds Paul
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