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    That sounds like a tough time, indeed. Remembering my short term flights between Japan and Germany but they never happened on such a short notice as yours.
    Wishing you a quick recovery and a more controllable 2024
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    Hi, Kaz. Well that was an adventure and I trust the reason for the urgent trip was not to serious and you were able to address to your satisfaction.

    Get some rest and stay safe …

    Warmest wishes for 2024 to you, the Boss and you family regards, Paul
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    Welcome back, here's hoplng 2024 will be better for all of us. It's probably about time we had a good year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by britlude
    odd... this blog reply doesnt show for me either!
    This is normal.
    In order to protect my blog against spam account, all comments to my blog require approval before being displayed to public.
    I even got spam PM in the past.
    I approved all of your three comments above around midnight today (Saturday) so should show up in the 'What's New' window.

    For your reference, when posted the comment, one should see message window stating that one's comment won't be displayed until being approved by the blog owner.

    Quote Originally Posted by britlude
    thread that prompted all this , shows on the forum, but not on the 'what's new'....!)

    (but does show 85 views on the forum index... so someone can see it lol)
    Very interesting to know that your post shows up if visited the 'Technical' forum but not in the 'What's New' feature.

    The view count includes the bot.
    So many of them visiting all over the web.
    Many are genuine search engine bots buidling up the search cache.
    Others are.... well, you can easily guess it.

    Also, there are so many spam account registered using automated script evey hour.
    You'll see so many long-long strange userID popping up frequently.

    Hope forumadmin can spend some time to investigate what's happening....

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    just got Sarah to open the suspension thread unrelated to my login, all present and correct, so it can be seen outside the userbase...
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    odd... this blog reply doesnt show for me either!

    thread that prompted all this , shows on the forum, but not on the 'what's new'....!)

    (but does show 85 views on the forum index... so someone can see it lol)
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    i managed to post in the forum, but with each submission i got an error message/default error screen. however the posts did take.

    oddly they havent shown up on the 'what;s new' screen... last i has was Sorepaws supercar sunday post of 13/10/32.... this also showed no replies, even tho there was one from 15th from Senninha

    now both of the 'test' posts show on the 'what's new' button, but my posts are still absent!

    very odd
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    Testing the blog comment.
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    Thank you for the link.
    Iíve lost interest in Bridgestone tyres until they went back to the basic and revived the legendary RE71 in the form of RE-71R few years ago.
    Now itís -71RS so something to be considered in the future.
    Would be interesting how it performs in the wet after 1/3 worn from new.

    Much more interested in the new Neova AD09.

    I have been very happy with AD08 and AD08R especially the wet performance.
    Didnít like the feeling of AD08RS in both the dry and wet condition.
    As far as I know, AD08RS was specific to the European market.

    Knew about AD09 for quite some time but saw the real one at this yearís Silverstone Festival (Classic).
    Still not all size available on the market so I just hope Yokohama will bring the suitable size for our NSX.
    Although it looks like semi slick pattern, aparently the wet performance is even better than the AD08R so would love to fit it on my NSX when the time comes.


  10. NZNick's Avatar
    Your 6th picture takes me back to my first car - a metallic gold MK1 Prelude with tan Connolly leather interior. It was a great car, let down only by over-assisted PAS and a propensity to rust around the windscreen, wish had I had it from new I’m sure could have been prevented/avoided.
    This car started my Honda love, with another Prelude, two CRXs, nearly a DC5 Integra and now the NSX.
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    Hi Kaz - spotted this (admittedly USA biased) YouTube video about the Bridgestone offerings of now (September 2023) which you may find interesting
  12. NSXGB's Avatar
    I purchased the Type-R clutch pedal and damperless joint about 5 years ago and have never got around to fitting them!
    Updated 18-08-2023 at 03:24 PM by NSXGB
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    I'm a little scared about the price increase and quality status - Honda is potentially using these parts in their refresh program which is far from cheap and I would think that the owners taking that service would expect the best in quality. That also implies that there is a Honda internal quality check existing since they are using the parts themself. I hop this trend will turn around at some time ..
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  15. Kaz-kzukNA1's Avatar
    Thank you for the kind words, Peter.
    No NSX service and nerve-racking for about 10days but good news from Japan and now back in the garage.
    At the age of almost 90, anything can happen.
    Guess something to go through at certain point in oneís life.
  16. PeterW's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about the medical emergency back home. I'm sure it's not easy being so far away.
  17. Heineken's Avatar
    Thank you very much for kind words - I'm always trying to do my best. The boards indeed get worse and worse - currently working on a radio where it feels like being very close to the actual solution but just can't find the culprit - I really hope to be able to identify the issue as it would result in another failure mode understood and documented.
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    Another data point and good example of fully charged doesnít mean healthy battery.

    While working on the NSX, another rescue call received.
    The car was fairly modern model with start-stop feature and smart charging technology.
    It had the EFB battery.

    The owner told me that after driving the car over 100 miles, he couldnít even crank the engine.
    When tried starting, lots of clicking noise and the dash display randomly disappearing.
    Typical lack of voltage juice so the first thought would be the battery or both the battery and the charging system.

    The battery voltage was only 11.4V so quite low despite driving 100miles and apparently already 10 years old.
    So even if the battery may have some life left, time to get another EFB one because most likely, it lost the original full capacity.

    So, ordered the same size EFB battery from Tayna and since it was next day delivery, had some time for checking the existing battery.

    Connected CTEK battery conditioner like half day and when came back, it was already showing green light at Step 7 so fully charged.

    However, from what the owner told me, already knew that there would be some issue with it so connected the battery tester and got this.

    Although 100% charged and voltage at 12.7V, the internal resistance was huge that there was almost no cranking power left with this battery.
    For the clarification, it's not just the internal resistance that decides the health status.
    The AC/DC impedance, etc involved but for a quick and basic review, internal resistance becomes handy.

    With the basic battery conditioner like CTEK MXS 5.0, it couldnít detect this failure mode.

    And as expected, when tried starting, the same result.
    Lots of clicking noise and dash went out randomly.

    Following day, new battery arrived and didnít have time topping it up using the CTEK so just straight into the car.

    Because of the modern make/model, didnít want going through all sorts of reset/re-learn sequences or the anti-theft code thingy so used my ancient jump starter as the backup battery to prevent losing the power while taking the old battery out.

    For the smart charging system, normally you would need telling the system about the spec of the battery bur since itís almost exactly the same spec, just left it.

    And the engine just fired up with ease and once idled enough, stopped the engine and re-started.
    Asked the owner to when he has some time, go out for steady cruising driving for at least 15min to charge the battery further and thatís it.
    No warning on the charging system so for now, just dead battery but told the owner to be careful with really old battery because it could damage the charging system as well.

    EFB is far better than the ordinary wet lead acid one but still lose its capacity over many years so best replacing after certain age even if it may still work fine.

    Another car saved.

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  19. Heineken's Avatar
    Dear Kaz,
    Thank you very much for sharing such personal details here with us - let me wish you all the best and a quick recovery.
    Me and my family are going through difficult times as well and keeping a healthy balance between personal and external expectations is very important.
    Best regards
  20. NZNick's Avatar
    Would expect nothing less than this of you Kaz - I have finger sensitivity issues following chemotherapy, so empathise with you.
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