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Thread: Lings online parts catalogue/ordering gone?

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    Default Lings online parts catalogue/ordering gone?

    Lings parts now redirects to what looks like a motorbike-only spares site!

    produces a 404, with a link to:

    And the year then model search facility covers only funnily numbered things with only two wheels. :-o

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    Hopefully as one page says they are updating the diagrams - or maybe they are upset that we visit find the part number - see how much they charge then go order from a more reasonable source ?

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    In these trying times we need Lings comedy pricing....
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    You want comedy? Well, while that Lings rebuilds its website, why not visit the other Lings website:

    (warning, it's totally SFW, but please put on your sunglasses before clicking the following link)

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