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Thread: 1991 NSX Coupe

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    Default 1991 NSX Coupe

    91 5 speed manual red/black UK spec 147,000 miles. Present owner for 21 years & over 100,000 miles! I have kept it so long because I could not find a car that was nicer to drive & was so beautifully built. But I am not using it enough and so it is for sale.

    Full service history & all the usual NSX electronic problems (climate control, amplifiers & even SRS unit) all replaced or rebuilt with modern components. I have obsessionally kept the car completely standard with the important exception of the ABS system which has been upgraded.



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    Sorry to see you are selling Jon. GLWS.

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    Hey Jon,

    Good luck with the sale. When you realise you’ve been a little hasty. Give me a call and I’ll sell you another one!

    All the best and thanks for all your help in the past.


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